The Team

CUER is fully student-run, working with students from a range of disciplines – from within, and outside of Engineering. We are a diverse team with members ranging from first years, to graduates, from both the UK and abroad – and we believe that within that lies our strength.

Pictured above: the team in Alice Springs, Australia


At CUER, we are not a full time team – having just one member working on a full-time basis, compared to some teams featuring up to 26 full time staff. We work to further the field of sustainability on a voluntary basis, in our free time. Thanks to this commitment, our team has bonded to become a passionate, reliable and competitive organization that is prepared to take Helia to the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge and beyond.


Building solar-powered cars to compete at the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge is one of the toughest student projects on the globe, and we would not be able to do this by ourselves. As a team we are incredibly fortunate to have a fantastic support network comprising industrial and academic partners, our alumni and families. With this support in place, our team becomes a learning platform on which its members go through accelerated personal development, placing them well for their future endeavours.