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CUER is the largest student-led engineering projects at the Engineering Department and our main aim is to serve as a learning platform for students to develop real world engineering skills. CUER relies almost entirely on the generosity of corporate sponsorship, private donations and in-kind support that we must raise ourselves.

CUER team at the Science Museum in London

Our team is constantly challenging what is possible and working hard to achieve extraordinarily ambitious goals. By working closely with each other, industrial partners, experienced advisors and the University, our alumni have learnt skills that have shaped and facilitated their professional careers.

Since 2017 we have been working on Helia, the UK’s Most Efficient Electric Car, a four seat UK road legal solar powered car. We want our story and Helia to inspire the next generation of engineering students by showing them what can be achieved by a group of young engineers.

CUER car Helia at the Engineering Department evolution-roadtrain.jpg

We are currently preparing to take Helia to Australia at the 2019 World Solar Challenge (October 13th – 20th) where we are aiming for a podium finish. This is a gruelling 3000km across Australia where the team and the car will be tested to their limits.

We have now found enough funding to pay for the development, manufacture and testing of Helia in the UK and are seeking the final funding that we require for logistics costs to compete in the competition.

Supporting CUER is not only a fantastic way to support the development of the engineers and entrepreneurs of the future but also help us inspire the next generation of STEM Students in the UK.

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