More than ten years of development

We are proud of our rich history, dating back to over a decade ago, with our first solar-powered vehicle, Affinity. We have come a long way since then, with our cars Endeavour and Evolution both competing in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge, and today with Helia soon to join them.

Advances in battery technology have let us switch from ‘traditional’ lead-acid car batteries to modern lithium-ion batteries – which give us greater range, faster recharging, and superior power management capabilities. CUER has also taken advantage of technological advances in other areas, such as those of composite materials, to since expand our design potential – with safer, faster and more dynamic vehicles being developed.

Behind these efforts to chase the cutting edge of multiple technologies is the team and its members, who remain the crucial aspect of CUER. The team has been shaped by many talented people over the years. As we move into the future of sustainable technology, we aim to maintain the relationships forged throughout the last decade, to capitalise on the wealth of ideas that has come thus far, and are sure to do so in the future as well.