Driven to success

Throughout over 10 years of CUER, countless team members have taken advantage of the truly unique experiences and accelerated learning platform that we have to offer.

Our team is constantly challenging what is possible and working hard to achieve extraordinarily ambitious goals. By working closely with each other, industrial partners, experienced advisors and the University, our alumni have learnt skills that have shaped and facilitated their professional careers. 

Building solar cars brings our team members some of the toughest but most meaningful and valuable experiences in their lives so far. We’re incredibly proud of the fantastic cohort of alumni who now span an impressive range of industries, with several starting incredibly successful start-up companies of their own.

We are proud to have alumni in Formula 1, Formula E, and other electric vehicle development. In addition, our alumni have gone on to start at least three successful startups, with 150 employees and 50 million USD worth of funding between them.

What some of our alumni have to say:

Aleksi Tukainen


The experiences at CUER made a big impact on my future plans, ability to get a lot of work done and handle pressure.

2012 – 2016 MEng, St. Edmunds College

Head of Organisational Development
Head of Sponsorship

2014 – Programme Director

2016 – helped cofound, a startup focusing on commercialising reinforcement learning with a focus of utilising probabilistic models and multi-agent systems to build the world’s first decision-making platform. is now over 70 people, and we are one of the fastest growing startups and maybe the biggest AI lab in Cambridge.

Alex Robinson

McLaren Racing

I was a member of the 2013 team and I was responsible for the design of the suspension, motor, brakes and steering etc. Also did a 4th Year Project on drag minimisation, looking at suspension alignment, mechanical layout, tyre performance, etc.

Since graduating I have worked at McLaren Racing, in the suspension group, designing various parts of the front suspension, brake system and wheels (CUER was good training!).

Amy Livingstone

Cambridge Design Partnership

The skills and experience I gained through my time at CUER have helped me settle in to the pressured environment of a consultancy and jump into interesting projects.

I joined the electrical team of CUER half way through my first year. During my second year I became the Chief Electrical Engineer, running the electrical team and going out to Australia to help in the build-up to the 2015 WSC.

During my 3rd year I helped the electrical sub-teams develop a Battery Management System and solar cell configuration. I also had the opportunity to manufacture the carbon fibre chassis. Alongside my engineering role I had many sessions test driving the car on various tracks around the country.

I flew out to Australia again for the 2017 WSC, then joined Cambridge Design Partnership, a product development consultancy near Cambridge, as an Electronics Engineer. In my second month I was acting as lead electronics engineer on a large project, so being able to work competently under pressure has been very important.

Michael Wheeldon

Ricardo Innovations

The experience I gained leading the CUER Mechanical Team has been invaluable in preparing me for the pace and variety of work that comes with a career in R&D, as well as a host of practical skills that you just can’t get from a lecture theatre, particularly manufacturing and people management.

I currently work for Ricardo Innovations, an R&D group within Ricardo – a global engineering consultancy. My work varies from concept design to simulation to testing to IP and licencing agreements.

Peter Mildon

Founder, Vivacity Labs

After graduating from university and leaving behind the fast paced entrepreneurial life of CUER, I went to work at a structural engineering consultancy for a couple of years.

After just over two years in this job, however, I was starting to miss the entrepreneurial drive of the team, and decided to re-join some of my former team mates in founding Vivacity Labs.

Tom Hillman

Senior Simulation Engineer

The job has involved vehicle/drivetrain modelling, optimisation studies, test data analysis and test rig design/specification and debugging - all skills developed during my time at CUER.

At the moment I am Senior Simulation Engineer at YASA Ltd. who design and manufacture high torque and power density electric motors, mainly for the automotive sector.