Cambridge University Eco Racing is a student-run team, interested in practical engineering and sustainable transport technologies. Working with the UK’s leading manufacturing companies and specialists, our aim is to design and build the UK’s most efficient electric car. We inspire and innovate through the promotion of cutting-edge design and engineering.


More than ten years of development

We are proud of our rich history, dating back to over a decade ago, with our first solar-powered vehicle, Affinity. We have come a long way since then, with our cars Endeavour and Evolution both competing in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge, and today with Helia soon to join them.


Driven to success

Throughout over 10 years of CUER, countless team members have taken advantage of the truly unique experiences and accelerated learning platform that we have to offer.

Our team is constantly challenging what is possible and working hard to achieve extraordinarily ambitious goals. By working closely with each other, industrial partners, experienced advisors and the University, our alumni have learnt skills that have shaped and facilitated their professional careers.