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Day 32

Day 32

14th October

Another day of good fortune

Today has been a huge day for the team. After getting the motor running smoothly on the car at 1:30am, another set of technical team members took the car out to MKT airfield for some initial testing of the new set up. Unfortunately, the motor controller was still having a few issues and cutting out the motor when too much throttle was applied.

Meanwhile, other team members spent many hours on the phone to freight companies to try to locate our final solar cells for our deployable array, and get the delivery expedited. This came to nothing as once permission was given for the service upgrade, the parcel was halfway across the outback and could not be upgraded until it reached Darwin.

When we got back to the track, the motor controller problems proved to be more of an issue as we had to climb some hills. We came in to the pits after a few laps and decided to have a look at the software once. To our good fortune, we had a visit from a member of Team Arrow who had a look at the software for us, as he works for the company that produced the motor controller. After some investigation, he noticed that part of the software we do not have access to had incorrect values in - how this happened is a mystery! Using his specialist software to access and change these values, we managed to get permission to do two test laps on the track. We got the car prepared and on the track in 7 minutes and had two perfect runs. We tested the situations in which the motor used to cut out and there were no problems. This had been a growing issue in the team for longer than I can remember and to have it fixed the day before scrutineering is unbelievable!

#OurEvolution is back in the game!

Just as we pushed out onto the track, some of the team returned from the airport with a parcel from Germany containing none other than the solar cells! How they managed to arrive earlier than expected, and when we wanted them is another complete mystery based on many teams' experience of freight in Australia. 

After this, the mood in the workshop was jubilant. We used this as motivation to then get started on the final checks and preparation for scrutineering tomorrow. Our Team Manager, Aurelia, went to visit the Durham team, who are also scrutineering tomorrow, and tried to lift their spirits after they had a motor issue this morning. Unfortunately, this final preparation has meant quite a late night for some of us, but we are definitely raring to go for tomorrow. 

Once again we have been extremely lucky to have amazing other solar teams around us who are prepared to lend a helping hand when we've been in need, so a massive thank you goes out to Team Arrow and Sunswift for their assistance!

Unpacking the silicon cells

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