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Day 31

Day 31

13th October

Final tweaks to the motor

It was all hands on deck making the final adjustments necessary to get the motor working properly, to allow us to take Evolution back out on to the track. One of the biggest challenges for the technical team was moving the magnets, bearings and stator from the old to the new motor housing, as the old one had buckled causing the wheel to wobble. We took the components to a machine shop to press the bearings into the new housing, which is a very skilled job. This took much longer than we had anticipated due to the fact the motor is such a precise piece of engineering, which means all the components have to be within 0.5mm accuracy, so there was no room for error!

It was a relief when we finally got the motor back to our Hidden Valley workshop, and were able to see it run inside Evolution. Working late into the night, and spending a few hours aligning the motor and it's motor wheel, it finally began to run just a smoothly as the old one did before the incident. 

Pressing the bearings, magnets and stator into the new housing

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