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Day 30

Day 30

12th October

Reciprocating the favour

It was important to spend the day focusing all our efforts on getting the motor repaired and running smoothly, which means we can get Evolution back on the track and resume testing the day after. 

It seems like we were not the only team having problems with our motor. The University of Western Sydney suffered irreversible damage to the board of their motor after it was accidentally dropped, so we thought we'd pass on the generosity that Nuon showed us by helping them out. As it turns out, the board within our damaged stator was working perfectly so we were able to pass it on to Western Sydney to get them back on the road again!

The Team Manager's briefing happened which gave Programme Director, Aurelia Hibbert, much more information about the official events over the coming week. We also received notice of our Scrutineering slot being on Thursday which has given us two unexpected days to fix the motor, however there's going to be no slacking from the team as we have to work hard to get the car back to working condition!

Helping out the University of Western Sydney Team

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