Winshaw and CUER Partnership

Winshaw and CUER Partnership

It is announced today that Cambridge University Eco Racing has signed a partnership agreement with Winshaw to help develop their new race vehicle, Helia, to compete in the 2019 World Solar Challenge in Australia.

Winshaw will provide strategic advice around fundraising and branding of the programme. Working mainly within the Cambridge University Engineering Department, CUER representative Christian Repole, Business Director commented: “This race cycle represents a new era for CUER as we’re pursuing an exciting new direction. We’ve got a bold new aim for the team and have set out on a new campaign to find new partners to increase the team’s budget. This will help us to fund summer research projects, accelerate manufacturing, plan for additional contingency, as well as allowing students to work full time on the project to help us compete on a level playing field with teams from the USA, Germany, Japan and the Netherlands.

Working with Winshaw allows us to develop a fundraising strategy that taps in to the support for British engineering and technology. We’ve developed a new tiered support structure that allows as many different companies and individuals to get involved with the project as possible. In addition to specific benefits linked to each tier, all of our partners get to utilise our fantastic network for brand awareness, recruitment and wider networking purposes.”

Winshaw Chief Financial Officer, Will Coldwell, is delighted to add Winshaw’s name to a growing list of supporters, stating: “The Cambridge University Eco Racing team is managed as a largely volunteer organisation, with the best of British research and development up against an international field. We hope to be able to enhance their fundraising strategy to get the leading British team to a level where they can compete in World Solar Challenge and take their vehicle 3000km across the Australian Outback on solar power alone. By providing advice and opening a few doors at the enterprise level, we hope to empower Christian and the team to reach their funding targets over the next twelve months.”

Cambridge University Eco Racing (CUER) is seeking charitable personal contributions, financial and professional support from SMEs, as well as major headline partners from the private sector to fuel a surge in activity and excitement around the project. Further information about how to get involved or help support the team can be found at

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