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Evolution is the greatest car that CUER has ever built, achieving 2,047km on solar power across the Australian Outback. A development of the Resolution Concept, Evolution is the product of a focused effort to improve the build quality of CUER vehicles and prove the capabilities of the Resolution Concept.

Powered by 2.36 square metres of GaAs cells and a 1.28 square metre Si deployable array, the car can travel at speeds of up to 110kph. The solar cells are housed under a Perspex canopy and the 20kg of Panasonic Li ion cells drive the 3-phase DC wheel-hub motor at the rear-left of the car. These systems are secured in the carbon fibre monocoque chassis which is fitted with a steel roll-cage to protect the drivers. 

The driver experience of Evolution is much improved from Resolution and the stability of the car in the face of road-trains and other difficult conditions proved the success of the dynamics work the team has carried out.

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