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Over the summer of 2014 we designed and built our brand new car, EVA. Our 2013 cycle car, Resolution was a radical new design and worked well as an experimental prototype. Since then we have decided to work off of the 'Resolution Concept' and design a new car EVA uses space grade gallium arsenide solar cells on a solar tracking plate to collect energy from the sun and charge the lightweight lithium ion battery. This is all kept under an optically transparent canopy that maintains a good aerodynamic profile, whilst allowing over 95% of light through. EVA is designed with aerodynamics in mind, and so, unlike other solar cars, has a long and narrow profile which allows EVA to cut through the air with minimal drag, even at speeds of over 100km/h

EVA's chassis is made entirely from carbon fibre because of its high strength and lightweight properties. This means that EVA weighs less than 1/4 of the weight of a small car, even when you include the driver!

We built EVA as a test bed for many of the changes and improvements that we have made to the original concept design from 2013. This means that we have a chance to characterize, test and improve our systems prior to building our race vehicle.

The most noticeable difference between EVA and Resolution is the significant increase in track width. This makes EVA much more stable and, with some clever aerodynamic optimisation, we've achieved this without a significant impact on the aerodynamic drag.
The other, less obvious but no less significant, difference between the two cars is the manufacturing process we've used to make it. By working closely with our industrial sponsors and using their technical expertise and equipment, we've managed to build EVA to a much more professional standard than has ever been possible for us before. This means we can have far more confidence in the reliability and durability of the car, which is important for such a long distance race in 2015!

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