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Endeavour MKII 2011

The second generation vehicle, designed and built to compete in the World Solar Challenge 2011, Endeavour was modified and taken to Australia in 2011 by the team led by Emil Hewage. For the competition, Endeavour underwent a substantial redesign, replacing the battery pack, canopy, wheel fairings, wheels and driver controls.

The shape of the body was optimised using both computational fluid dynamics and scale wind tunnel models. It was constructed from a nomex and carbon fibre sandwich, which is light but very stiff. A 4kW lithium iron phosphate battery provided enough energy to complete 10% of the race. However, its main purpose is to act as an energy buffer, allowing the car to maintain a constant speed despite the change in solar intensity during the course of the day.These modifications resulted in a much more reliable and competitive car for WSC 2011. 

Endeavour Mark II and the team out for testing

Dimensions (LWH)   5 x 1.8 x 1 m 
Cruising Speed   45 mph
Top Speed  70 mph
Kerb Weight   230 kg
Chassis  Aluminium space frame
Solar Array Size  6 m2
Solar Array Power  1.2 kW
Motor Efficiency  90%+
CdA  0.14

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