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The Resolution Concept

CUER takes a different approach to solar-car design than most teams in the World Solar Challenge. By putting aerodynamics at the forefront of our design process, we have a much smaller car than most teams. We retain solar efficiency by including a solar tracking plate which follows the sun's trajectory. This concept is something we strongly believe can be competitive and so by developing our techniques of designing and manufacturing vehicles based on this concept, we aim to win the World Solar Challenge.

Vehicle History

Since the team began in 2007, we have built vehicles based on several different concepts. Our first two cars, Affinity and Endeavour, were designed to maximise solar array area. This is what we call the "table-top" design. In 2010, we tried our hand at building an electric motorbike, Greenpower 2010, before developing Endeavour into Endeavour Mark II. In 2012 we radically altered our design when we came up with the Resolution concept. We are now on our 4th iteration of this concept and will be competing with our latest vehicle, Mirage, at the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge in October 2017. 

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