The Resolution Concept

Since the team began in 2007, we have built vehicles based on several different concepts. Our first two cars, Affinity and Endeavour, were designed to maximise solar array area. This is what we call the "table-top" design. In 2010, we tried our hand at building an electric motorbike, Greenpower 2010, before developing Endeavour into Endeavour Mark II. 

The Resolution Concept was established in 2012 and represented a major move away from the status quo in solar car design. The Resolution Concept placed aerodynamics at the forefront of our design process by having a much smaller car than most teams. Key to the resolution concept was the innovative solar panel tracking plate housing the high-efficiency Triple Junction Gallium Arsenide Solar Cells which followed the sun to maximise solar energy capture. This was placed inside an aerodynamic clear plastic canopy that allowed for the aerodynamic teardrop shape.  

The Resolution Concept and its striking design was truly innovative and unique compared to other solar powered vehicles. 

The major changes in the 2017 Regulations saw several other teams attempting radical designs and concepts. We are proud that several teams credited their courage to push the boundaries by developing new concepts to having seen CUER's Resolution Concept vehicles.

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