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2017 Cycle

Support & Donating

CUER solely relies on the financial support of our sponsors and donors to purchase all we need for our cars and events. All money given to the team is used to develop our solar cars, whether that is in the design, manufacture or testing stages as well as develop ourselves as a brand through our brochures, kit and website.

Individual donations can be made to the team through our University Philanthropy page, here.

Sponsor a Solar Kilometre

Specially for the World Solar Challenge 2017, we have started the "Sponsor a Solar Kilometre" initiative. This provides the opportunity for supporters to get personally involved in our adventure across the outback. Supporters can sponsor from 1 to 1,000 kilometres of our journey, laying claim to a section of the 3,000km which we will be travelling from Darwin to Adelaide in October 2017. Sponsorship can be in your own name, or in that of another person who you wish to receive the rewards.

The funds raised through this initiative will be used towards the final preparations of the competition vehicle and the logistics costs of the journey, including items from vehicle hire all the way through to nutrition for the brave souls who take on the challenge of driving the solar vehicle itself.

Click here to find out more about this exciting new campaign, and see what rewards are available.

Corporate Sponsorship

Ways in which you can help CUER vary and any support is much appreciated. We work with our partners to develop mutually beneficial deals, which include hosting graduate recruitment events, exhibiting the car and attending external events.

We are always looking for new partners so please don’t hesitate to contact us, no matter how big a contribution you feel you can give!

If you are interested in supporting the team and would like to find out more about the team and how sponsorship works, please contact Elena Rastorgueva (Business Manager) on

Individual Donors

It is your support that allows us to continue with our outreach events, to provide the students of the university with a challenging, hands-on engineering project, and to make the crucial additions necessary to give us an edge over other solar car racing teams. As a completely student team, we rely on corporate sponsorship as well as, just as importantly, the kind donations, no matter how large or small, of individuals through our Friends of CUER scheme.

Prof. David MacKay
Prof. Richard Law
Randall Beckman
Jim & Stella Brackman
Jan Johnson
Christopher Seewald
Mary Schooling
Prof. Nick Collings
Prof Ann Dowling
David Tomlinson
John Dancer
Elisa Grassi
Ali and Roshanak Azimpoor
Paul Rostron
Henry Heuzenroeder
Ed & Maria Haapaniemi

Prof. Richard Fielding
Luis Campos
Shiraz Dhanani
John & Lesley Clare
Susan Rogers
R J Smith
Nicola Platt
Emily Donaldson
Dr Yvonne Lau & Dr Ken Fung
Tony Flux
Cecilia Fabrizio
Phoevos, Sophie, and Michael Scouros
Peter Hardyman
Clive Fields
Miguel Franco

Vikram Jayanty
Maher Bishara
Robert Maidenberg
Amparo Pineda
Andrew Baird
Andrew Burston
Gabriel Leung
Vicki Tse
Lam Tai Hing
Anthony Bagshaw
David Guy
Lesley Law
Anthony Smith
Eddie Kiehoe
Antigone Theodorou
Karen Niemi

Sarah & Tony Hedley
Stavro Soussou
Karl & Melinda Kinley
Albert Cheung
Dr Geoffrey Parks
Judith Mackay
Chris Law
Stefan Bollinger
Maryline Mertz
Jochen Runde
Graham Churcher
Anna Weeks
Martin Hughes
Ronald Robins
Robert & Barbara Kaufmann

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