Oxford to London Eco-Rally – Inspiring a Solar Future

The annual Eco-Rally August 18th aims to showcase the best present and future transport to members of the public who may not otherwise be aware of its existence. You can expect to see all kinds of green machines: bicycles, pedelecs & rickshaws, bikes, superminis, family cars, taxis, sports-cars, limousines, vans, lorries , and SUVs,… not to mention CUER’s endeavour. 

CUER displayed Endeavour at both Ace Cafe and the finish line at Waterloo Place.

Endeavour was built to race against 36 other solar vehicles across the length of Australia in October 2011 and runs on solar energy, and with an overall power rating similar to most small hairdryers. 

Our aim was to show even our unconventional Endeavour can provide the inspiration and technology to push along the journey towards long-term sustainability in vehicles which anyone and everyone has access to.

In this year’s exhibition of the most innovative and technically superb alternative-fuel vehicles CUER’s stall was among the most popular.

Helena Barman

Helena Barman

Sponsorship/PR: I work with the business team – on both the sponsorship and PR sides. I am currently a third year economist from Johns. In my spare time I enjoy talking team tactics with Stephen Hawking http://pic.twitter.com/UQBb1tAj, rowing, and running letter writing sessions for Amnesty International.
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