Matchtech Primary School Visit

On Monday, Sean Mulholland and I made the 300 mile round trip to Boundary Oak School in Fareham, supported by our sponsors Matchtech. The long queues round the M25 were a far cry from the bicycle lanes of Cambridge, and … Continue reading

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New Team, New Vision

CUER has come a very long way in the past 12 months. Thanks to the help of countless sponsors, supporters and keen students, the team needed just 10 months to bring our never-before-seen car from the drawing board to the … Continue reading

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WSC Update 2

CUER’s journey across the outback is nearly over. We reached Coober Pedy earlier today, which is an opal mining town in South Australia, and now we’re en-route to Lake Hart to camp for the day. It’s less than 500km until … Continue reading

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We Have Withdrawn

For the past week, we have been carrying out final preparations on Resolution for the race. On Tuesday, while testing on a specially designated solar testing road in Australia, our car had an accident during which it rolled onto its … Continue reading

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SKF Solar Concentrators

In this series of blog posts we are introducing some of the technologies that we have been working on to prepare Resolution for the race. In this post we introduce something that we have been keeping quiet from other teams, … Continue reading

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Crash Testing

As some of you may have heard, CUER had a less than ideal day yesterday. Following a couple of days of final fixes and tweaks, the team decided to divide and conquer, with half going to bed early in preparation … Continue reading

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Solar Panels, Tracking Plates, and… Termites?

Over the past year, CUER has been working on a variety of innovations. The words “tracking plate”, “decoupled” and “game changer” feature heavily in the variety of news articles about us, as well as in any documentation sent to race … Continue reading

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5 days to go!

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CUER: The Final 10%

One thing we’ve realised this week is that the final 10% of the work needs 90% of the effort. We’ve burnt through reels of solder, pumped up tens of tyres, shaved off kilograms of weight and stuck down metres of … Continue reading

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Darwin Days 3: Kormilda Kids

While keeping ourselves busy preparing Resolution for racing next month, we thought it would be both a great break and an excellent opportunity to meet with new people by organising some Aussie outreach. Our usual school or business visits back … Continue reading

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