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Cambridge University Eco Racing (CUER) is a 60 strong student organisation that designs, build and races solar powered vehicles. We are a not-for-profit organisation that is mainly funded through corporate sponsorship and private support. Since our founding in 2007, we have been the UK’s number one for solar vehicle development.

We Are Recruiting

CUER is now recruiting for two full-time positions: Programme Director and Technical Manager. The roles will run from June 2016 through to July 2017, fitting in with the academic year. Are you a Cambridge University student and want to push one of the UK's most entrepreneurial student societies to greater success? 

Contact for full job descriptions and further information.

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BRITISH TEAM SET TO SHINE AT WORLD SOLAR CHALLENGE 2015: Highly innovative bullet shaped solar vehicle enters marathon across Australia. A young British racing team has one of the best chances in a decade for victory in the World Solar Challenge, a gruelling 3,000 km marathon across the heart of Australia from Darwin to Adelaide, starting in October 2015.

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The Solar Racing Community

Member of the 2015 WSC Race Team, Lucy Osborne, reflects on the power and greatness of the Solar Racing Community. 

Directorship #3: A Need to Be Selfish

When it comes to looking after people on the team, what you need to put first is yourself. I learnt this the hard way by trying to help everyone else, no matter the expense to myself, and it almost lead to me leaving the team. Luckily this was a while ago, and I knew when I took over the team that if I was not able to look after myself I would not be able to help others. This does not mean you should leave other people hanging or not help anyone, but when it comes down to it you should not compromise your own health and basic needs. This sounds obvious but it can be very easy to justify just one more late night to help reduce someone’s workload and keep doing this every day. 

Directorship #2: The dynamic, fixed schedule

In the long-term, it is important to present a fixed plan. With so many people working on different personal schedules in the team and being able to commit different amounts of time through the year, it is best to present a few very clear external deadlines well in advance and then break this down into more manageable internal deadlines.  

CUER Events

NT CADCAM Dare to Design

On 10th November, the team was invited to participate in the NT CADCAM “Dare 2 Design” conference at Silverstone. Not only was this a wonderful chance for the team to see the famous track but also to learn about Solidworks 2016 and share their story. 

Sponsors' Launch Event 2015

The big announcement was the appointment of CUER's first full-time Programme Director. This has been achieved largely through the support of BNY Mellon. To find out more about the role of full-time Programme Director and how this will develop the team, see here

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