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One Year To Go

One Year To Go

This World Solar Challenge has already brought along many surprises, achievements and milestones, the latest of which was our One Year To Go event which we held to celebrate the progress we have made towards our World Solar Challenge 2017 entry.

The event was held in the Old Library at Pembroke College, a cozy and historically rich venue for any event, posing a stark contrast to the futuristic vehicle which stood proudly outside to welcome the guests, our very own Evolution.

We invited sponsors from around the world and were pleased to see many of the new sponsors we have formed partnerships with already this cycle, especially since many of them had not seen Evolution in the flesh before.This fresh perspective on the team is always welcomed and has led to many new ideas being generated that we can implement through this cycle.

#OurEvolution being showcased in Pembroke College celebrating One Year To Go

The event was led and orchestrated by the new leadership team, who took over during the summer and will be leading the team throughout our campaign for the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge 2017. This has been accompanied by a greater continuity of members than we have seen in recent years which has helped hugely with the knowledge transfer and sets up a knowledgeable and passionate team to take CUER to new highs.

Looking back on the highlights of the last year, from racing at the European Solar Challenge to meeting HRH The Queen, it was clear that the bar has been raised since the World Solar Challenge 2015 but the current leadership team had no problem living up to this when they revealed the hard work of our Summer Design Team in the form of competitive concept for the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge 2017.

The announcement of the latest vehicle concept has got both the team and our sponsors buzzing and fired up for the coming year, and that’s exactly what people need at the start of an academic year in Cambridge. It has also helped to grow our network as sponsors look to bring in additional facilities and capabilities to give the team the best platform to compete from.

Although the vehicle concept will not be released to the public for several months, our story for this cycle is off to a great start and many people are intrigued by what we will bring to the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge 2017, but all we can say for now is watch this space!

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