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CUER take part in various events across the UK and the world to educate and showcase the possibilities of solar energy, as well as to connect with other like-minded organisations and people. 

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e-Luminate Festival

17th February 2016, 21st February 2016

Gadget Show Live

31st March 2016 - 3rd April 2016
NEC, Birmingham

We are currently defining our events schedule for 2016. 
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The World Solar Challenge is more than just a test of engineering; while a well-built car is important, to do well in this event also requires a resilient team, superb organisation and no small amount of luck.

The race runs for 3000km from Darwin to Adelaide, across some of the most remote, inhospitable and striking terrain in the whole of Australia.  Before teams start their journey, their vehicle must undergo strict dynamic and static testing, known as ‘scrutineering’. What follows is a grueling 4-6 day drive, over which the convoys must contend with soaring temperatures, severe weather and outback camping. Ultimately all teams will be welcomed to the Finish Line in the streets of Adelaide.

CUER has been to 3 World Solar Challenges, and every time our members have found it to be one of the most testing and yet amazing experiences of their lives. We aim to win the race, but cannot compete again without the help of our Supporters. The Biggest Budget doesn'tequal the Best Team, and hence we need training and guidance as much as parts and cash to bring our aim within reach. 

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