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13th September - Adelaide

13th September - Adelaide

Despite clearing customs today, Mirage is still in Melbourne awaiting a quarantine check. However, we have had a very productive day on many fronts, which is making the wait slightly easier on the team.

One key thing achieved today was securing a 1km testing strip which will allow us to undertake dynamic, high-speed testing once the final assembly and initial shakedown of Mirage is complete, ensuring the safe operation of the car during the challenge. The venue is a local airstrip, something which we often look for in identifying possible venues as the width of the runway enables us to undertake a wider variety of tests than a typical private access road. We will be also using this venue to practice the manoeuvres which we have to undertake as part of Dynamic Scrutineering, up in Darwin. These tests are designed around proving the handling and braking ability of the vehicles, to enforce sufficient levels of stability in all cars.

The Media Team in full swing preparing our Meet the Drivers video airing Friday #StayTuned

In addition to this, the Media Team set about interviewing our drivers for the introductory video to be released on Friday. It was the first major day of filming out here in Australia and taught us a lot about how to prepare more efficient sessions in the future, to save time for both the media team and those being interviewed.

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