We Have Withdrawn

For the past week, we have been carrying out final preparations on Resolution for the race. On Tuesday, while testing on a specially designated solar testing road in Australia, our car had an accident during which it rolled onto its side. The driver was unhurt. Over the following days, repairs were made to the structure of our car, to restore the safety cage around the driver. Further tests were then carried out under controlled conditions on track. This revealed new dynamic instabilities, which we have not been able to fix in the time we have left before the race.

Due to the limited amount of time we have left to remedy our situation, we have not been able reassure ourselves of the safety of our solar drivers. Therefore, with great regret, we have decided to withdraw. The team is very disappointed but we are confident that we have made the right decision.

Despite these setbacks, there are many positives to be taken from the event this year. First and foremost, our engineers have ensured that our drivers have been safe at all times, with the car’s crash structure performing as designed in the event of an accident. Secondly, Resolution produced its best ever results while testing in Australia, indicating that CUER would have been on target to be competitive. Additionally, we have developed several new and innovative technologies over this design cycle: the tracking plate, flexible fairings, and concentrator systems – all of which will stand CUER in good stead for future competitions. And finally: Resolution has been an inspiration – to us; to the many members of the public who have been able to see her displayed; and to the next generation of engineers.

As a team, we could not have reached this stage without the support of everyone who has helped us this year. We would like to thank our sponsors and the individuals who have given us technical and financial assistance; the WSC organisers, for their efforts in getting us to the start line; and the other solar car teams here in Australia, for so generously stepping in to support us where they can.

Over the next week, we hope to prove our innovative technology in the environment for which it was designed. Looking forward, the team will continue investigating the performance of Resolution in the UK, and use what we’ve learnt to build a race-winning vehicle in 2 years’ time.



An engineer, Keno has wanted to be on the team since seeing Endeavour at the Cambridge Open Day. Now leading this project into the most exciting era of CUER he likes be involved at all levels. When not engineering or team managing, he can normally be found trying out his language skills with people... don't ask
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14 Responses to We Have Withdrawn

  1. kiran and rohan says:

    We are sorry that your car crashed, we hope you did not get hurt. We hope that you will be able to improve your car for next time. We saw you at the start of the race in Darwin from Kiran aged 3 years and Rohan aged 6 years.

  2. Gary says:

    How incredibly unlucky that you can’t race. Do you know what caused the car to tip over? Perhaps we need to design an anti-tipping mechanism for the 2015 race.

    • Aleksi Tukiainen says:

      More details about the crash will be given after the team gets back and a proper analysis is undertaken. We will surely work on the car to make is safe and reliable again.

  3. Min Ju Lee says:

    Aw, I’m very sorry to hear about the accident, but it truly has been inspiring to follow CUER over the last ten months. I studied abroad briefly in Cambridge in 2012 (King’s College repping), and stumbled upon your Kickstarter on cambridge’s twitter feed in January. Since then, I’ve been following your design and team posts intensely.

    I highly admire your team’s ingenuity and hard work. Best wishes from CalSol, the UC Berkeley’s Solar Vehicle Team.

    Min Ju Lee
    Team Lead, CalSol

    • Aleksi Tukiainen says:

      Thank you! The support of other solar car teams has been phenomenal and very important in getting ourselves back up to focus on new ventures and the future (WSC2015).

  4. The best engineers turn setbacks into triumph and have no fear of failure.

    You can count on our continued support.

  5. Kathryn says:

    CUER team we have followed you and rooted for you and share in the disappointment but also applaud you for the huge effort, imagination, creativity, sheer hard work and hours upon hours of time you have devoted to Resolution. This morning the BBC World Service said something along the lines that it is ‘ more of a research project than a race’. You sure have made strides in the research, sad you were in the event deprived of racing the car yourselves, this year.

  6. John Clare says:

    You must be gutted, but be assured that those back home will back your judgement. Safety is paramount.

  7. Mike Cox says:

    Sorry to hear about the accident and subsequent withdrawal, sounds like a wise decision. Well done for getting so far with an innovative design.

  8. Aleksi Tukiainen says:

    Thank you for all of the comments. As most of the team is in Australia, the replies have been slow. Hopefully once the team is back in Cambridge, we can provide more thorough analysis on what happened and what we have learned.

  9. Ann Hinton says:

    I was so sorry to hear about your crash after all your hard work with the car. We were lucky enough to have the car brought over to the Isle of Wight and as a personal friend of David Mildon I know the amount of effort that you have all put in. As you say despite such disappointment much has been learned and I’m sure its an experience you will all carry for the rest of your life.
    Ann Hinton Sew Ann Sew(the lady that did your black shirts!!)

  10. Sorry to hear of your withdrawl. I was so looking forward to following your progress. Still, I’m sure you have learned heaps and that can only be good.

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