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Goodbye Sea Freight
Deputy Director Adam Gristock describes the first stage of getting the team to Australia. 


A drab, wet, morning at Cambridge University's athletics track could hardly be further removed from the blue skies and sweltering heat of the Australian outback that we’ll be expecting at the World Solar Challenge. 
Visit to Nuon Solar Team

On 16th July, I was fortunate enough to be able to visit Nuon Solar Team at TU Delft in the Netherlands. Unfortunately, their car was still top secret but I still learnt a lot from the trip. 

Cambridge exam term in CUER
It is coming to the end of May here in Cambridge. Most people are stressing out about exams, essays, projects, dissertations and master theses. But we here at CUER also have a fun extra bit of work to do in building a solar-powered car! Right now the progress is a bit slower due to some exams and project deadlines, but we are slowly ticking away with the progress. Here is a collection of a few thoughts from our brave team members surviving the last term of the year. 
Filton Wind Tunnel Testing

In our first Aerodynamics post of the year (and more importantly of the competition year) it is time to shed some light on the ‘special testing’ Aleksi alluded to in his last post. One of our major supporters, Airbus, granted us some testing time at their wind tunnel facility in Filton, Bristol. Testing EVA in her full scale glory was an incredibly exciting start to term and presented an opportunity for the aero team to gain some invaluable experience. 


At the beginning of February, EVA was once again wheeled out to go and meet the public. This was her first local, public event and it could not have gone better.  

Visit by University of Hertfordshire

On Wednesday the team had the pleasure of hosting a group of solar car enthusiasts from Hertfordshire. The group has been looking at starting their own team in the UK with the help of their lecturers. The team got in touch with us and we gladly agreed to host them on a visit for a few hours as we want to promote student engineering and solar car development in the UK.  

Team Leader Visiting MIT and Stanford

I think the time has come for me to kick off the new year with a blog post about my recent visit to our fellow solar car projects in the United States. The whole team has had a solid rest over the holidays and we are now back and ready to get to work. The term has literally just started, most of us are getting on top of our course work and the solar car has already gone away for some special testing - more on that in future blog posts. For now the stage is mine, ha!

Composites Engineering Show

I set to drive to Birmingham once again to publicly showcase our newest solar car EVA for the first time! We were invited to the Composites Engineeing Show by Mouldlife and Group Gazechim to demonstrate the cool things you can build from composites. Arriving just before 5pm there wasn't a huge hassle with vehicles trying to get in the area and thus the whole offloading and setting the car up went very smoothly! 

One Year To Go: EVA Car Launch

On Saturday 25th October 2014, we held our One Year To Go (OYTG) event which marked a year until our participation in the 2015 World Solar Challenge. Held at the Marshall Headquarters in Cambridge, the OYTG event was also a chance for CUER's sponsors, supporters, alumni and current members to gather for the unveiling of our 2014 car, EVA. 

Manufacture at National Composites Centre

The National Composites Centre in Bristol once again kindly agreed to accommodate a few students from the team as they worked to complete the carbon fibre layup of the whole car.  

Summer Design Team - Week 8

Week 8 saw the majority of the Summer Design Team's UROPs coming to an end, but there was still time for plenty of work. Monday saw a number of the team head to The Technology Partnership (TTP) to discuss possible door mechanisms for the front fairings. 

CUER in Monaco

In July, Aleksi Tukiainen, Lucy Osborne, Alan Jamieson, Aurelia Hibbert and Adam Gristock traveled to Monaco to exhibit Resolution at the Solar1 Monte-Carlo Cup.  

Summer Design Team - Week 4

Week 4 started with much of the team heading off to the National Composite Centre in Bristol to start laying up the carbon fibre for the 2014 car. Because of the mass evacuation to Bristol, the office was quite empty for much of the week, making our mandatory 3:30pm game of ninja much less exciting! 

Summer Design Team - Week 3

Week 3 got off to a nice steady start for me; after returning from Monaco the day before, Monday consisted of getting up to date with what the team had been up to and catching up with my procurement work (oh, and it was our PM Aurelia’s birthday – much cake was consumed). 

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