Filming, funding and Professor Stephen Hawking – CUER on a stroll

This week the Business Team are filming the video for our upcoming Design Launch on Sat 24th November, where some of the team, our sponsors and partners will witness first-hand the launch of the final design of our as-yet-unnamed new solar car.

We are also producing a separate film with help from our Technical team for CUER’s launch on crowd-source funding scheme Kickstarter ( sometime in early November. We are hoping to raise over £10,000 to help us buy the components we need to win the World Solar Challenge.

But even professional camera-work was laid aside when we decided – as any normal solar racing team would, and should – to have a stroll with Endeavour through Cambridge on a mild Saturday afternoon. With some excellent coordination, a few high-visibility jackets and a new driver in Helena, our co-head of Sponsorship, we captured some beautiful rolling shots from inside Endeavour, something which we’ve been wanting to do since last year! We met with countless enthusiastic (and many bemused) onlookers from all around Cambridge, but one in particular left us humbled: one Professor Stephen Hawking.

The six-strong expeditionary team thought it most instructive just to stand beside our prospective public admirers (and even ad-hoc sponsors!) just to watch Professor Hawking survey the Endeavour in all her glory. A few words with his minder and a smile from the Professor himself later, two narrow tunnels formed: one for Endeavour and its awestruck entourage, another for Prof Hawking.

This is but only one of the advantages of having a solar-powered car follow you around town: attention tends to be drawn to you, even in autumnal Britain. The support and enthusiasm we got from the crowds were inspiring enough, and British generosity cut through the October gloom like a staff of, well… sunshine.

Ryan Weedon, Head of Public Relations

We really appreciate all the support you have shown, the questions you’ve asked and help you’ve given the team so far. The funds which aren’t spent developing the car are put into our outreach mission; to inspire the next generation to innovators of all ages.

With the days rolling down to the Concept Launch, we really want to maintain this momentum. Please help us by donating to the Name on Car scheme, or our Kickstarter page (from the beginning of November).

As a team, we are independent of government or University funding, so we value the support we get from all our commercial partners and from the public.

We’ll update you on the Buiness Team’s progress and the run-up to our Design Launch soon!





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