We arrive on the Isle of Wight!

The day finally arrived. After months of preparation and discussions, we were ready to hit the road to the Isle of Wight. We’ve arrived, had dinner and are ready to inspire the next generation of problem solvers, thinkers and engineers.

See the day in the pictures below.


Getting ready at the crack of dawn.

We may have come from the West Country, East Anglia, Shropshire, London, Cam-town but we only had one destination in mind. The Isle of Wight! So we boarded the ferry.

Seeing that we are here in partnership with Eco Island, it seemed proper to take the opportunity to pose in front of their van after we deposited Endeavour in their car park.


We definitely have full consent to posting this photo. The caption is: ‘All gear no idea, only one person is actually cooking.’



Impromptu engineering.





An engineer, Keno has wanted to be on the team since seeing Endeavour at the Cambridge Open Day. Now leading this project into the most exciting era of CUER he likes be involved at all levels. When not engineering or team managing, he can normally be found trying out his language skills with people... don't ask
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