Ardingly College meets CUER

On Saturday the 21st of January, CUER played host to an extremely enthusiastic – and possibly crazy – group of students from Ardingly College who are hoping to start up their own solar car engineering project. Despite a 30-minute long presentation describing exactly why they shouldn’t attempt such a time- and soul-devouring endeavour, they were as adamant and keen as ever. They had a tour of the Engineering Department and a chance to talk to several members of the team about their specific areas of interest. We were impressed by their attitudes and wish them the best of luck. Hopefully, ALP Solar will become the fourth such team in the UK.

CUER and Ardingly College at the end of a tiring day

We leave you with a selection of comments and photos from the students themselves.

“My experience at Cambridge University certainly extended my academic knowledge about the CUER’s solar car. It was in fact an excellent journey and I really enjoyed taking part in it. I learned a lot about CUER and how they built the magnificent solar car…

…to sum up, the visit to Cambridge University was remarkably exciting and I really enjoyed visiting the CUER’s solar powered car.”

Sabrina, Year 7


“On the 21st January 2012, I was invited together with 13 other students from the school to travel to Cambridge University to visit the famous CUER solar car, which will one day race in the mighty Australian outback. When we arrived there, we were warmly welcomed by the CUER team, which was then followed by a useful speech on the key aspects (time, money, manpower, space and experience) to building a successful solar powered car. From this speech and the tour they gave us, I learnt a great deal especially about the structure of the car, how they get money for the project and the difficulties they will face when they eventually take it to Australia….

…Overall, I really enjoyed going to Cambridge University as it was an incredible experience I will never forget.”

John, Year 10

“…and then we wait four hours before Fluent tells us that our CFD has failed to mesh properly…”

For a small group of students to get the full attention of senior members of the Cambridge University Solar Car team, was of immeasurable use and help in our ambitious project. Many thanks to the whole team.

Oscar, Year 11


The Cambridge solar car project has inspired me and the team to build this project, I was amazed how so many of the Cambridge team gave up their Saturdays to talk to us, I am so excited over what the future holds for us. Thanks Cambridge and will hopefully see you again soon.

Patrick, Year 11


Students taking notes in lectures was something many of us had not seen before.


“It was a mind blasting experience! We were enthralled by the techs and green power put into Endeavour. Hopefully, with all the enthusiasm from The Ardingly Love Physics Team, we will be sitting in our own solar car soon!”

Sabrina, Year 12


Just to say thank you so much to you and your team for a brilliant day. I was truly amazed that so many of your team gave up their Saturday. The students were totally inspired, prep are giving a presentation to their school, the seniors are already sourcing their design computer. Absolutely brilliant I could not have hoped for more.

Head of Physics, Ardingly College

We do occasionally leave miscellaneous items in the wind tunnel by accident. Luckily this one was wearing a hard hat.


Lucy Fielding

Lucy Fielding

Lucy was part of the team that designed, built and raced Endeavour in 2009. In spite of this, or perhaps because of it, she has remained with CUER and brings with her a great deal of experience in composites, aerodynamics and lab accidents. Although previously an aerodynamicist, she is now studying for a PhD in Materials Science, but can often be found in the Engineering Department helping with the design and build of the car. Her work on Endeavour’s outer shell manufacture has earned her a promotion to Composites Team Leader, and she looks forward to delegating the sanding to other people for a change.
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