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At Cambridge University Eco Racing we design, build and race cutting edge solar powered cars. Our racing cars showcase sustainable engineering and demonstrate the potential of electric vehicle technologies. A big part of what we do is promoting these values in the community. To achieve this, CUER runs outreach events at local schools and across the country, aimed at educating and inspiring the next generation of engineers and scientists.

Our cars are developed to race in the biennial ‘World Solar Challenge’, the ‘Formula One’ of eco-friendly motorsport, which is a 3000 kilometre race across the Australian Outback. In 2009, we entered the race for the first time as the only UK team. This year, we have developed a much improved car and, in May, we will be unveiling our new design at a special event in Cambridge.

To celebrate our new design, we are launching a competition, for school pupils aged from 6 to 14, to design a car for the future. Unlike our car, the designs will not be restricted to solar power, but we will still be looking for some exciting and innovative ideas (no idea is too silly!).

Entries will be judged, in three age categories, by some of our technical team. We will then shortlist entries from each category and those shortlisted will be invited to our design launch and ‘solar fun day’ in May. Category winners will be announced at this event, alongside our new design, and the overall winning design will feature on our completed car when it races in Australia in October.

Materials and information on the competition are attached and can be found at

Lucy Fielding

Lucy Fielding

Lucy was part of the team that designed, built and raced Endeavour in 2009. In spite of this, or perhaps because of it, she has remained with CUER and brings with her a great deal of experience in composites, aerodynamics and lab accidents. Although previously an aerodynamicist, she is now studying for a PhD in Materials Science, but can often be found in the Engineering Department helping with the design and build of the car. Her work on Endeavour’s outer shell manufacture has earned her a promotion to Composites Team Leader, and she looks forward to delegating the sanding to other people for a change.
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