Ansys Seminar

On the 7th December, several CUER team members loaded Endeavour up onto the trailer and took her for a day out at the Heritage Motor Museum in Warwickshire. She enjoyed herself immensely while her handlers attended the Ansys Hybrid Electric Vehicle seminar. With this event being so relevant to what we do, as well as being hosted by one of our long-term sponsors, this was an opportunity we could not afford to miss. The event focused on how Ansys software could be used in all aspects of car design, including battery chemistry and EM-field modelling – not just aerodynamics (hands up all those who knew it was even used for aerodynamics). This was also a great opportunity to show off Endeavour once again and gave us another chance to talk to people in the automotive industry who are interested in what we do and have plenty of technical expertise to share with us.

Who left this here? It's a fire hazard.

"Tom, move to the right so that we can't see the missing bits...yes, that's better"

Lucy Fielding

Lucy Fielding

Lucy was part of the team that designed, built and raced Endeavour in 2009. In spite of this, or perhaps because of it, she has remained with CUER and brings with her a great deal of experience in composites, aerodynamics and lab accidents. Although previously an aerodynamicist, she is now studying for a PhD in Materials Science, but can often be found in the Engineering Department helping with the design and build of the car. Her work on Endeavour’s outer shell manufacture has earned her a promotion to Composites Team Leader, and she looks forward to delegating the sanding to other people for a change.
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