The Electrical Team Lights The Way

The electrical rebuild has accelerated from “rapid” to “frantic” in recent weeks. Numerous tasks compete for the attention of the electrical team, from battery management systems and cell balancing, to lights and driver controls. It’s all got to be done, and recent work has focussed on getting the car ready for testing this weekend.

The battery management system (BMS) is something we’re particularly proud of. Not only does it intercept, interpret and act upon CAN messages from the Lifebatt cell management modules (CMMs), but it also monitors the current into and out of the battery via our Isabellenhütte shunt resistors and shuts off the battery from the rest of the vehicle in the event of a fault.


Ed programs the BMS

Our Homebrew BMS. In a glorious and aesthetically pleasing twist of fate, every component is black

Endeavour’s new, brighter lights are now more-or-less complete. The build process used a variety of cool bits and pieces, including rapid-prototyped positives from Jaguar Land Rover, silicone rubber negative moulds, and finally a transparent resin body for the light itself. We’ve gone for 3W LEDs this time around, so there’s no way anyone’s going to miss us when we brake at the last minute to avoid a kangaroo. We probably won’t run them at 3W in the race, but it’s good to have the option of blinding people behind…


Dan tops up his tan with an array of 3-watt LEDs

Lately we’ve been sharing lab space with these weird guys who call themselves aero specialists, but quite like to take apart brakes and stuff. We even spotted technical director Tom in a rare moment of “getting his hands dirty” taking off a wheel or something. Whatever it is they’re up to, they leave a trail of destruction and discarded tools and carbon fibre wherever they appear:

Tom and George do something mechanical


Lucy Fielding

Lucy Fielding

Lucy was part of the team that designed, built and raced Endeavour in 2009. In spite of this, or perhaps because of it, she has remained with CUER and brings with her a great deal of experience in composites, aerodynamics and lab accidents. Although previously an aerodynamicist, she is now studying for a PhD in Materials Science, but can often be found in the Engineering Department helping with the design and build of the car. Her work on Endeavour’s outer shell manufacture has earned her a promotion to Composites Team Leader, and she looks forward to delegating the sanding to other people for a change.
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  2. Chao says:

    Love the new BMS, good luck for the race!

    Will you guys be doing a road trip like last time?

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