Mechanical Team Michaelmas Week 1

The mechanical team have had a very busy start to term, with the fresher’s fair, design deadlines and manufacturing beginning all falling at the same time.


The fresher’s fair was a huge success, with about 250 people registering interest in the project and many of these helping out our campaign in partnership with Eco Island to push for David G in Green Britain’s online vote.


On Tuesday, the whole team then presented to the interested students who had both signed up, and then come along to the engineering department to hear what we had to say. At this point, about 40 people registered interest in the mechanical team. It seems that my role may begin to include a significant quantity of management, and a diminishing amount of design! Of these people 29 came to the first Mechanical team meeting, and there by demonstrating they were actually keen to get involved.


We have spent the weekend allocating small design tasks to these people, creating sub teams where necessary.


Another key mile stone this week was the delivery of the approximate aero shape to Jaguar Land Rover’s rapid prototyping department. They used this to generate CAD for the modelling board blocking arrangement required to manufacture the plug for our car. In customary style, JRL responded fantastically quickly, returning the required data to the team within 48 hours!


Finally, a team of 9 of us began laminating carbon/nomex sheets today. These sheets will be used as supports for the car’s mould later in the term, but for today they provided a fantastic opportunity to teach new team members how to effectively laminate a honeycomb sandwich. These are skills that the team will continue to practice during the term, so when December comes around, the car’s carbon monocoque chassis can be made to the highest quality.

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