The Saga of the Upper Shell

Today is a joyous day for all, for the upper shell has been completed! The following tale of its birth is of such epic proportions that it has been serialised. With apologies to Hans Christian Andersen…

The Taming of the Mould

 Part 1


Kento Taoka (Composites) as Kento the Oafish Swineherd

Lucy Fielding (Aero, Logistics, Socials, Survival) as Lucy the Merry Jester

Rob Martin (Technical Advisor) as Rob the Wise Man

Anthony Law (Team Manager) as King Anthony

Charlie Watt (Technical Director) as Queen Charlie

Martin McBrien (Advisor) as Martin the King’s Advisor

Mark Brinkley (PR) as Mark the Dusty Lumberjack

Bethany as The Beautiful Shell



Once upon a time there was a poor swineherd named Kento. He lived in squalor in the Engineering Department, slaving away day and night in the vast kingdom of Cambridge. One day, as he was carrying out his daily chores, he chanced upon a room that he had never seen before. Upon entering it, he discovered a Magic Computer Screen that was twice as long as a dinner plate and three times as wide, embellished with plastic as dark as night, and an off-switch that clicked in a satisfying way when pressed. He gazed into the Magic Screen, entranced, and saw the image of a beautiful solar car upper shell, with a surface as smooth as silk and as white as snow. Its core was of honeycomb nomex, as golden as the sun, wrapped in flowing lengths of CFRP as black as ebony. 

Days and weeks went by, and, try as he might, Kento could not forget about the beautiful shell, and returned every day to gaze into the Magic Screen. Eventually, he decided that he must leave the kingdom to seek his fortune, and asked the King for permission. The King, whose name was Anthony, agreed, but told Kento that his quest would be in vain, for the beautiful shell was kept prisoner in a land far, far away, by a monstrous composite mould.

However Kento would not be swayed. He searched the entire kingdom for someone who had knowledge of the mould but no citizen had ever heard of such a thing, except for one man. This man, Rob Martin, told Kento he knew how to free the beautiful shell from the mould. It would not be easy – there would be many challenges and tests, since only the most worthy would be able to defeat the mould. Although many mighty warriors lived in the kingdom, all refused to go on such a dangerous journey, believing there to be no reward. In desperation the king sent out proclamation after proclamation, until finally they reached the ears of the Court Jester. The Jester, whose name was Lucy, was gallant and brave, and agreed to undertake the quest.


Finally, the king decreed that Kento should have a valiant steed. He offered the choice of any horse in his stable but Kento declined, saying that he was only a humble swineherd. Hearing this, the king instead called the Court Wizard, Marshall, who took a humble ball bearing and, with a wave of his wand, transformed it into a sleek, elegant Honda Jazz, with a CD player and even a little thing you plug your mp3 player into.

And so our heroes packed all their belongings in a sack, and set off for the far-off land of Bedford…

On to Part 2…

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