Airgain #SponsorMonday

Airgain #SponsorMonday

This summer, as part of the Summer Design Team, Aleksandr Bogomil, will be undertaking a project on our Telemetry and Strategy systems thanks to the support of Airgain. A leading provider of high-performance embedded antenna technology, integration support, and test services for the wireless communications market, Airgain brings over 10 years of experience in performance optimisation of wireless systems to the project.

Their product offerings include the connected home and beyond, with innovative antenna solutions for markets ranging from enterprise access points and outdoor hotspots, to security cameras, routers and gateways, M2M and smart TVs. They design and produce antenna systems for a broad range of wireless technologies, including Wi-Fi, LTE, DECT, GPS, RF4CE, Z-Wave, ZigBee, Bluetooth, and LPD.

Through the partnership we are looking to build our most sophisticated telemetry system yet for the World Solar Challenge in 2017. The performance of the car will be optimized through improved telemetry including the embedding of additional and more advanced sensors in the car and through our test and optimization program next summer. In additional to raw performance, the improved telemetry of the car will improve communications with the rest of the convoy and vice versa enabling us to efficiently monitor the car and to make real time corrections and adjustments.

Altering the telemetry and electrical systems during the BWSC 15

With Airgain’s help and leveraging the experience from the previous World Solar Challenge, we expect to greatly improve our performance for the next competition, and would like to once again extend our thanks to Airgain for making their valued support and contribution.

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