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Redbourn Group #SponsorMonday

The array design project is all about responding to one of the key changes in the regulations of the World Solar Challenge. In 2017, only the exiting driver will be allowed to touch the car to set it up for control stops, and only the incoming driver will be able to set it up for driving again. 

Dassault Systèmes #SponsorMonday

In the Summer Design Team, David is leading the chassis design using software tools from Dassault Systèmes. Dassault Systèmes support our team with software packages Solidworks, Catia and Abaqus. These packages are invaluable to the team for design, analysis and manufacture. 

Airgain #SponsorMonday

This summer, as part of the Summer Design Team, Aleksandr Bogomil, will be undertaking a project on our Telemetry and Strategy systems thanks to the support of Airgain. A leading provider of high-performance embedded antenna technology, integration support, and test services for the wireless communications market, Airgain brings over 10 years of experience in performance optimisation of wireless systems to the project. 

Signing Off: A Year At The Helm

If there is one thing I can say for certain about this year, it’s that there has not been a single dull moment in the 12 months I have been Programme Director of CUER. 

BWSC 2017: The Switch-up

One week on from regulations and CUER is in full flow, excited by the new possibilities for BWSC 2017. As ever, new regulations have brought on new challenges but the enthusiasm, as we approach our 10 week design phase, massively outweighs any trepidation of problems yet to be overcome. 

WSC 2017 Anticipation

Eight months has flown by since Evolution broke the Cambridge record in crossing the Australian Outback, and now it’s time to find out what the next World Solar Challenge will have in store! 

The Next Generation

As the academic year draws to a close, we look ahead to the next generation who will take up the challenge of designing and building a solar powered car to cross the Australian Outback. We have seen some very promising students join the team this year, from first year undergraduates all the way through to PhD candidates, which is very exciting for the future of CUER. 

NT CADCAM #SponsorMonday

Our sponsor NT CADCAM has been providing us with 3D CAD and PDM software solutions since 2013. By taking an integrated approach to design and manufacture, NT CADCAM delivers high quality software solutions to help our team design collaboratively and more effectively.    

Cambridge Circuit Company #SponsorMonday

Offering a cost-effective, quality, responsive and reliable in-house Printed Circuit Board (PCB) manufacturing service; in 2016 Cambridge Circuit Company Ltd not only celebrates 30 years in the industry, but also five years of sponsoring CUER. 

Schwalbe #SponsorMonday

Schwalbe supports CUER in its goal to promote the development of sustainable engineering, and applying those development theories to practice on the international race circuit.

Signing Off: Lent Term 2016
Yet another Cambridge term is complete and as the rest of the team begin to bury their heads in revision, I think it is time to take stock of what we have achieved so far in 2016. 
ANSYS #SponsorMonday

Our sponsor, ANSYS, has been providing the team with CFD software for several years now. Since Aerodynamic performance is the key focus of our concept, being able to understand, test and develop our designs is very important to our success.
They believe that the CUER solar car is always a good example of how design changes can be incorporated and tested using CFD for increasing aerodynamic performance of a car within tight space regulations. 

SolidWorks Training by NT CADCAM

Two sessions of three hours on consecutive afternoons sounds like an intense software workshop by most people’s standards, particularly in the middle of a Cambridge term. Yet this picture is a far cry from the experience of the SolidWorks workshop run in week 4. We all had a thoroughly enjoyable and enriching experience. 

The Solar Racing Community

Member of the 2015 WSC Race Team, Lucy Osborne, reflects on the power and greatness of the Solar Racing Community. 

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