Helia: The Next Chapter

Winshaw and CUER Partnership

It is announced today that Cambridge University Eco Racing has signed a partnership agreement with Winshaw to help develop their new race vehicle, Helia, to compete in the 2019 World Solar Challenge in Australia. 

Helia - The Next Chapter

This race cycle represents an exciting new chapter in the CUER story.

A new generation of Cambridge students have taken advantage of the fantastic opportunities provided by CUER. Fuelled by passion, we've come together to push the boundaries of renewable technology and build an inspiring vision for a sustainable future. 

Bridgestone World Solar Challege 2017 Daily Blog

13/14th October - Finish Line

We arrived in Adelaide on Friday afternoon, after leaving one of our Electrical Engineers, Zi, with AUSRT in case any of their issues resurfaced. We got ahead of a few teams before they started driving at 8am and so were able to watch them cross the finish line and give them a very warm welcome. 

12th October - Challenge Day 5

After a stormy night, which left us all a little down-spirited, the team were happy to be back on the road with the sun shining early this morning. 

11th October - Challenge Day 4

This morning, the Media Team with other interested team members, headed south at sunrise to go and find the closest solar car teams and capture some shots of morning charging and the solar cars on the road. This plan was modified rather by the torrential rain and large amounts of standing water on the roads. 

10th October - Challenge Day 3

On the road at a leisurely 7:45am this morning, we headed down to Alice Springs, the Control Stop which marks the halfway point on the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge route. 

9th October - Challenge Day 2

Another day out on the road following the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge kicked off with some of the team having an interview with ABC news at Daly Waters. This was off the back of a conversation with the presenter yesterday who was interested in how we are making the most of our time here in Australia, by helping out, and learning from other teams, and still being part of the BWSC life despite not competing. 

8th October - Challenge Day 1

All the teams were up at the crack of dawn to get to the start line today at Parliament Square in Darwin. The cars were all displayed for the public until the official starting time and there were huge crowds of solar team members, supporters and local enthusiasts alike. 

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KISS Communications #SponsorBlog

With the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge fast approaching, we are very excited to announce our partnership with KISS Communications, who are supporting CUER's first ever dedicated Media Team for the event and helping CUER to build and sustain a successful PR campaign. 

Top British entry sets off for World Solar Challenge 2017

With the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge (BWSC) drawing closer, Cambridge University Eco Racing (CUER) has embarked on the first stage leading up to one of the greatest automotive challenges in the world. Their entry Mirage – which will shortly arrive in Australia – will have to endure a gruelling 3,000 km marathon from Darwin to Adelaide on 8th – 15th October 2017, facing some of the harshest conditions imaginable. 

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Huawei Global Mobile Broadband Forum, Tokyo

4 months after a chance encounter at the FIA Formula-e London Championships with the Head of Branding at Huawei Wireless, Evolution found herself heading on an adventure to Tokyo. Seeing her displayed in the Formula-e show area had inspired Huawei to invite us to the Global Mobile Broadband Forum which they host in a different major city every year.  

One Year To Go

This World Solar Challenge has already brought along many surprises, achievements and milestones, the latest of which was our One Year To Go event which we held to celebrate the progress we have made towards our World Solar Challenge 2017 entry. 

30 Years of SEV Development

In June, we were very fortunate to meet some of the very first solar electric vehicle pioneers, the Sunrider Team.  


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