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Cambridge University Eco Racing (CUER) is a 60 strong student organisation that designs, build and races solar powered vehicles. We are a not-for-profit organisation that is mainly funded through corporate sponsorship and private support. Since our founding in 2007, we have been the UK’s number one for solar vehicle development.

We race in the World Solar Challenge, the world’s foremost solar endurance race, held in Australia. Our racing cars showcase cutting-edge sustainable engineering and demonstrate the incredible potential of electric vehicle technologies. By designing a car to run on solar power alone, we are driving the step changes in vehicle efficiency and new technologies for a low-carbon future.

Our team mission is to inspire as well as innovate. This leads us to undertake many outreach programs, both nationally and internationally. We have recently done outreach in Hong Kong, on the Isle of Wight and at Ardingly College as well as within Cambridgeshire. We also participate in many public events such as the Gadget Show and a High Performance event at the London Science Museum to educate and showcase the possibilities of solar energy.

Current Key Team Members

Aleksi Tukiainen

As a Programme Director I have two main hats. The first is organising the Leadership team to be focused on the right direction and motivated to reach the goals we have set ourselves.  I also try and make sure the entire team is working together and helping each other. I also often act as a voice to all of our external stakeholders like the general public or supporters. Why I enjoy the project? I just love the challenge. I love it. 

Aurelia Hibbert

As Deputy Director and Project Manager, it is my job to plan the entire scope of the project and keep the team on track. I lead the Project Team which consists mainly of sub-team liaisons, allowing us to be aware of everything that is going on in the team and help out those facing predominantly timing and organisational challenges.
I joined the team in October 2013, on the Logistics Team, because being part of such an innovative and high profile team was very attractive to me. What I enjoy most about my position in the team is that I get to oversee all areas of the project, which is wonderful because they are all very interesting. 

Simon Schofield

I'm responsible for making sure that CUER produces a professional quality car to compete in the World Solar Challenge 2015. I oversee all of the technical sub-teams, supporting and leading the sub-team leaders. I got involved in CUER over the summer, researching Solar Concentrators, but got drawn into the excitement and challenges  associated with designing and building the solar car! 

Aarushi Kapur

My role involves overseeing the logistical arrangements surrounding internal and external events, ensuring the public and supporters are kept up to date on what we're doing within the team and keeping an eye on other areas such as health & safety and IT. 

Laura Andrews

My current role is to help CUER set up long term relationships with partners and then ensure we deliver what we promised and exceed expectations. I manage a team of 11 and thoroughly enjoy bouncing ideas around to help generate more creative approaches to sponsorship. I think this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to get involved in a project as unique as the World Solar Challenge. I realise now that I have learned valuable personal development skills that I've benefited from strongly when in the working world. 

James Littlewood

My job as head of aero is basically to design the outer shell of the car to be as streamlined as possible given the constraints set by the WSC rules and the requirements of the other areas of the team. Since our design philosophy is based on maximising aero performance it is a really important job and relies heavily on extensive CFD analysis which has to be validated through wind tunnel testing. I am also responsible for training and developing the newer members of the aero team in using CFD and meshing software. I really enjoy being part of the CUER aero team as you learn so much more than you ever could in the classroom and it is great preparation for the working world after Cambridge. CUER can be pretty stressful at times but when you get to see the fruits of your labour on a project as cool as this then it really does make it all worth it. 

Tim Bossanyi

I am a fourth year engineer and have been involved in CUER for nearly three years now.  Designing the electrics of a solar car is a great challenge, and I really enjoy the opportunities CUER provides to get my hands dirty with soldering irons, wires, and some of the most hi-tech equipment that's out there.  I'm very keen to promote renewable energy and efficient forms of transport, and I see CUER as a brilliant way to showcase and develop the technologies that will make this possible. 

Michael Wheeldon

My role involves coordinating the transformation of an aerodynamic shell provided by the aero team into a fully designed solar powered racer, taking it all the way from sketches on pieces of paper, to 3D CAD models to a physical part in the workshop ready to be bolted on to the car. I get to look at the biggest projects, like the chassis design all the way down to making sure that we have enough nuts and bolts to build the suspension! I love this role because it allows me to take on some project management/leadership responsibilities while still getting my hands dirty with some design, analysis and manufacturing. CUER appealed to me because of the massive challenge that we undertake as a team, I wouldn't want to do it if it was easy! 

Ruby Gunn

My role involves overseeing our media presence as well as dealing with internal and external communications. I ensure our prominence within the Solar Racing community is high and keep our supporters excited as well as gain new supporters. I work closely with Events and Operations as well as Business to make sure CUER’s external image is being maintained and improved. I joined CUER over a year ago and I thoroughly enjoy watching the cars develop and the team evolve. CUER is a fast paced, revolutionary organisation and so it is very rewarding being involved and spreading the word.  

Nisarg Mehta

My role involves planning and co-ordinating events for  CUER. I mobilize the 'Events and Operations' team to this effect and ensure that all events go through smoothly. Events include those for sponsors, alumni and current students. However, my role is not confined to this and it is also my responsibility to organise general logistics for testing, manufacture, conferences and meetings. My work in the team allows me to get exposure to a highly functioning student organisation and explore the non-technical side of things while also appreciating its technical aspects. I get the chance to build a solar powered car in my free time and contribute to its success. There is a great satisfaction in that. 

Summer Design Team 2014

Aurelia Hibbert

I have just finished my First Year of Engineering at Newnham. I joined CUER on the Logistics team and this summer I am working on a Project Management system which I can implement over the coming year, as Project Manager.

Simon Schofield

I’m Simon and I’ve just finished my 3rd year studying Engineering. I enjoy cycling around Cambridge too quickly and spending time in the sun (usually on holiday, but working with a solar car will do!). I’m focusing mainly on electronics and will be working on the Solar Concentrators for the 2015 car.

Matt White

I live in Gloucestershire and enjoy playing sport and restoring steam traction engines with my dad. My project is based on the structural design of the chassis. I will be modifying the old chassis based on aerodynamic shell specifications and building a model of the new chassis in FEA to assess how well it reacts to driving forces, particularly crash situations. The difficulty of this project will likely be found trying to create an efficient, yet accurate model of the chassis in the software.

Manoj Kurien

I am a second year engineer. My UROP focuses on ‘Race Strategy Optimization’. This focuses on modelling the car in Matlab and optimizing the speed at which the car should drive during the race considering the weather, how much energy
we have stored in the battery, the time of day, route information and data received from various sensors. I will also be working on its GUI and create a model for the test car!

Alexander Wright

I’ve just finished my third year of Engineering (Electrical and Information) and I’ll be working on designing the solar array for the car including associated power conversion (MPPT). I also like to do a bit of hacking and tinkering with electronics in my own time: my current project is converting a Sinclair C5 to use lithium batteries.

Giorgio Sterlini

I’ve just finished first year at Pembroke College, I get probably a little too excited about nice bicycles and I have a tendency to burst into song. I’m going to be the systems integration manager over this summer, working to improve the interfaces between different parts of the car so that it has a high level professional finish.

James Littlewood

I’m James, third year going on fourth year, and I’ll be working on the aerodynamics of the car along with Viet.

Toshan Wickramanayake

The main basis of my UROP this summer is looking into all elements of the powertrain system used in Resolution and hopefully improve the powertrain system for the next car. To do this I will have to investigate all components of the powertrain including the battery cells, the battery management system , the motor and the motor controller and, in doing so, research into new and better versions of each of these components. In addition, as part of the summer electrical team, I will also be assisting in different electrical testing, disassembly and assembly work on the current car’s electrical system.

Viet Quoc Ung

The aim for my 2014 summer at CUER is to improve the performance of the car’s aerodynamics. Our task (me and James Littlewood) involves using CAD programs (Solidworks, CATIA) to create different models of the car and then test them on CFD software (Solidworks, FLUENT). Our target is to bring the CdA of the car down as much as possible. In order to obtain that target, we look into features that can be modified to improve CdA, mainly in regards to the shape of the vehicle.

Adam Gristock

My remit this summer is very broad; I am procuring parts for the 2014 Car, developing our Health and Safety Procedures, preparing and executing event plans such as the EM College visit, assisting at CUER events like the Monaco trip and the NCC carbon manufacturing weeks, writing blogs and other CUER publicity, working on the team’s Events and Operations strategy, and preparing myself for managing Australia Logistics next year.

C.J. Ong

I’m CJ from Sidney Sussex College, and my UROP topic is looking into the various parameters that affect rolling resistance and help choose the most suitable tire for the 2015 WSC.

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