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The Bridgestone World Solar Challenge 2017

Another two years of technical, business and personal development is coming to its culmination, the 2017 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge. This year is particularly special as not only does it mark our 10 year anniversary as a team, but it is also the 30th anniversary of the World Solar Challenge, a 3,000km endurance competition across Australia.

With a large number of teams competing this year, 42 in all, this anniversary is a marvellous celebration of the capability and development of low-energy technologies as well as the ability and innovation of the students who work on these projects all around the world. As such, we are very proud to be taking part in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge for the 5th time and very much look forward to sharing our journey with you.

This year, you can support us on our journey by sponsoring your own solar km. Find out more about the rewards available, here.

The World Solar Challenge is more than just a test of engineering; while a well-built car is important, to do well in this event also requires a resilient team, superb organisation and no small amount of luck.

The competition runs for 3000km from Darwin to Adelaide, across some of the most remote, inhospitable and striking terrain in the whole of Australia.  Before teams start their journey, their vehicle must undergo strict dynamic and static testing, known as ‘scrutineering’. What follows is a gruelling 4-6 day drive, over which the convoys must contend with soaring temperatures, severe weather and outback camping. Ultimately all teams will be welcomed to the Finish Line in the streets of Adelaide.

CUER has been to 4 World Solar Challenges, making this our fifth competition, and every time our members have found it to be one of the most testing and yet amazing experiences of their lives.

Daily Blog

24th September - Adelaide

As the push to complete the final assembly of Mirage continues, many of the team were up at the crack of dawn to continue testing where they left off last night. 

23rd September - Adelaide

We were slightly premature in posting our daily blog at 9pm yesterday as just afterward we received a call to summon the team to the workshop to see Mirage drive for the first time! Since the car was so close to being functional, workshop hours were extended and we finally got the car out on the tarmac (in the safety of the empty car park) at about 10pm, with the appropriate amount of whoops and cheers, of course! 

22nd September - Adelaide

The workshop was absolutely buzzing today, with our morning meeting moved forward to 7:30am and everyone at their work stations by 8am. The idea over the next week is to slowly move our morning meeting forwards until we are getting up for sunrise, as we would during the challenge itself.  

21st September - Adelaide

There are few words that can truly capture the emotions of today, but expectant, elated and exhausted seem to cover it well.  

20th September - Adelaide

Well they do say things come in threes, so we should have seen it coming when the first major piece of the puzzle fell into place first thing this morning. 

19th September - Adelaide

Today was earmarked as our final day for personal preparation, in expectation of Mirage getting through quarantine as scheduled, tomorrow. This fortunately coincided with Chris Selwood, Event Director of the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge, being in Adelaide for various meetings and so we arranged to have a team lunch with him. 

The Full Story 


Our race team is made up from a selection of current students, and alumni from the University of Cambridge. Team members come from many different faculties across the university, with each member contributing a unique set of skills to the team. When combined together, this creates a well-rounded team and versatile team, putting us in the best position for the World Solar Challenge.


Our current timeline for the trip is as follows:

30th August: First team members arrive in Adelaide
21st September: Air freight with Mirage to arrive in Adelaide
6th - 27th September: Testing in Adelaide, more team members to arrive
26th September: Event HQ opens at Hidden Valley
27th - 1st October: Drive to Darwin and road-testing in Northern Territories
3rd October: Static Scrutineering begins
7th October: Dynamic Scrutineering
8th October: Competition Starts


Check out our social media for even more regular updates about what the team is getting up to. We'd love to hear your comments and thoughts, so why not leave a comment or post on our timelines and we'll get back to you.



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